Five Remedies for Curing Toothache

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Most people do not have time to think about remedies of a toothache when they are fine. When the problem comes, it is so severe that you can do almost anything to relieve it. If you have a chronic toothache, I know you have probably tried anything possible to cure, but it is unfortunate that most remedies do not work. Before you give up, you should try one or a couple of the following ways that have proved to be beneficial for a majority of toothache patients.

Use garlic – If you are at home, you can probably find garlic. You can use a garlic clove and table salt to cure the pain on the affected tooth. Read more now about Toothache Cure. After some time, the pain will subside, or it might cure the tooth as well. Do not just stop there even after it works for you but you should chew garlic every morning so that the tooth is fully healed and it enhances its strength.

Try using Asafoetida – Asafoedita is becoming popular due to its benefit as a pain reliever in toothaches. However, it is used with lemon juice, and they are warmed a bit. Using a soft cloth, place the mixture in the cavity of the painful tooth. You will be surprised at how fast the pain will go away.

Use lime – Lime contains a high level of vitamin C which is integral in maintaining oral hygiene and strengthening bones. Lime is a cure to lots of dental problems such as decay, dental caries, bleeding gums, and toothache.

Use onions – Most people know onions as one of the ingredients of preparing sumptuous meals, but it can also be a pain reliever if a tooth is aching. Studies show that onions are rich in antibacterial properties. The antibacterial properties help to keep your teeth free from disease-causing bacteria which can lead to a chronic toothache. It is recommendable to chew a raw onion each day.

Consider using pepper – Well, pepper might be hot, but it can help to ease your toothache. Take a pinch of pepper powder with approximately half teaspoon of common salt. Click for more info about Toothache Cure. This mixture is helpful in dealing with dental cavities, bad breath, bleeding gums, painful gums and tooth pains.

I know you might not like all the remedies for a toothache mentioned in this article but at least you can select one to try. If the treatments do not work for you, then you can seek medical intervention so that a dentist can diagnose the problem and prescribe the drugs to cure it. Learn more from


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